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Eat Your Dog! Or change his or her food, either one.

I read about “new” research exposing the massive carbon footprint of our pets and the meat they consume. I write “new” because it doesn’t take a climate scientist to conclude that the same meat that’s responsible for 20% of global emissions is the same meat that’s in any food with meat, not just people food. The researchers recommend eating our companion animals to eliminate the carbon emissions they would generate as one solution. Yeeeeah… That’s gonna go mainstream. Even if every person (and their “pets”) in America became carbon neutral, emissions would only be reduced by up to 20%, so it’s really the job of industry, including and especially the meat industry, but it’s our job to demand it. So, we could eat the animals most of us consider part of the family, or, like my dog and many others, we could feed ourselves and the animals we care for, food without meat or animal secretions. Not only would this lighten the (relatively small) impact of everyone involved and improve our collective health, our companions could avoid all of the disgusting by-products in traditional wet and dry pet food. One only needs to venture to the YouTube and pose the simple question, “What is in my pet’s food?”, and the vegetarian pet food (sold at every pet store) looks a lot better, especially if it helps us reduce our impact, even if only by a little. Now, I understand that our companion animals’ wild relatives aren’t the choosiest eaters, but I think most of us want more for our pets than what they would have in the wild, hence the multi-billion dollar pet accessories industry. Once we reduce our demand for animal products, especially ground-up other families’ dead pets, the industries dependent on us will have to find another way to fuck us. They might even consider closing the rendering plants that grind up the euthanized dogs and cats mixed with maggots into “protein meal”, or the hatcheries that grind all the male chicks into “chicken meal”. The same “protein meal” and “chicken meal” that are listed in the ingredients of your pet’s favorite kibble or can.)

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