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Meat Industry: “FDA sucks at keeping you safe from us.”

An article from Meat Trade News Daily states that everyone, including the ag industry, has agreed that the FDA needs an overhaul in the form of the Food Safety Modernization act. They state that “current levels of inspection and tracking by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration are inadequate to safeguard the nation’s health.”  Aside from the likelihood that the act will devour small, organic farms and do very little to safeguard the people (rather than safeguard the companies from food-borne illness lawsuits), the fact that the industry would blame the regulators is fucking ridiculous. Of course the FDA and USDA are not doing their jobs very well, but for the parties responsible for the violations to blame the regulators for not catching them is severely retarded, and doesn’t make any fucking sense.  Think about it: If Firestone makes tires that they know are likely to explode and kill people, because they are made out of inferior materials which do not meet DOT requirements, and a cost/benefit analysis leads them to conclude that it would be in the interest of the shareholders to avoid a recall, ending up in thousands of deaths, do we blame the DOT when we flip our SUV’s for not catching Firestone in the act? Or do we hold Firestone responsible? Do bank-robbers blame the guards for not stopping them if they get caught?  Now, what if it weren’t just Firestone, but Michelin, and all the other tire companies that produce 99% of the tires sold in the U.S., wouldn’t we hold the industry responsible for not following the law? And why is the industry so bad at looking out for it’s customers, the people? From my understanding, it is because it’s illegal in the capitalist system we prop up to make decisions that go against the wills of the shareholders. What are the wills of the shareholders? To make money, duh. So if it is cheaper to let people die than correct a safety issue, it is built into our financial system to choose the former. One is required to. So the meat industry blames the FDA, the FDA blames the USDA, the USDA blames the meat industry, the meat industry blames animal rights “terrorists”, the MDAs blame  the abolitionists, the abolitionists blame the new welfarists, etc. I blame the fact that necessities like food, water, shelter and medical care are still able to be profited from, therefore controlled and manipulated by whoever has a bigger group in this world-wide anarchy we call “democracy”. We live in an age of abundant technology and access to resources, and it is past time to abolish money. We live in an age where no sentient animal has to die for food, and it is past time to abolish the use of animals as resources. We have evolved past the need for either, and if we are to ever become civilized, we will not blame each other, but unite in the common goal to abolish injustice and inequity caused by the deranged anarchist space monkeys who control the unfair share of our little rock we call home.

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