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Prospectus For The Liberator: Remix

Starting today, January 1, 2010, I will be posting “The Liberator: Remix” weekly, to coincide with the dates of the abolitionist paper “The Liberator” edited and operated by William Lloyd Garrison. Each week, I will pick an article of interest from “The Liberator” and remix it to try and show some of the parallels between the struggle to abolish human slavery in the early days of America and the current struggle to abolish non-human animal slavery. I was, in part, inspired by Gary L. Francione’s “The World Is Vegan, If You Want It!” Campaign started in late 2009. I was, in part, inspired by my previous “Poster Remix” campaign in response to the ridiculous propaganda campaigns (especially during WWII) set forth by the US and all other governments to manipulate and coerce people into maintaining the status quo, and therefore, maintain corrupt, obsolete, and irrelevant institutions. I was, in part, inspired by all former rights movements and their leaders, as I’m sure Gary L. Francione was equally inspired by John Lennon’s and Yoko Ono’s billboard.

Within sight of the steps of the Lincoln memorial, in the birthplace of liberty.”

As you will see, I have attempted to correlate, and/or modernize and make relevant, Garrison’s and “The Liberator’s” arguments for, public sentiments concerning, and opposition to, the abolition of human slavery to the arguments for, public sentiments concerning, and opposition to, the abolition of the use animals as resources (non-human animal slavery). I hope not, through my comparisons- my “remixing”, to belittle or negate the importance and necessity of human rights. It is my profound task, which I take on with absolute humility and with no intended arrogance, to try and draw attention to the similarities between the pro-human slavery rhetoric and the pro-animal slavery or animal “welfarist” rhetoric. I have attempted, if I choose to include humor, to do so tastefully, as I have a tendency for it, but in no way mean to detract from the seriousness of the comments and observations of the original authors, or the plight of the Animal Rights Movement in general. Humor, when done right, can be educating, enlightening, and very serious. I hope to accomplish this, and where I haven’t, I apologize in advance. To conclude, I hope positive benefit is gained from the creative work I put forth on behalf of animals, humans, the environment, justice, equality, peace, and humanity.

Peace is coming for you.

First “Liberator: Remix” post: “To The Public”

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