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From The Horse’s Mouth… Poop Good, E. Coli Bad

Another day, another person dies from consuming death.

There’s shit on the meat, and people are too dumb and careless to cook it. At least that’s what Steve Cornett, editor emeritus at Beef Today writes in an article about vaccinating cows to prevent E. Coli  from being present in the fecal matter contaminating animal flesh products. He says:

“…remember, please, that it’s just like your daddy told you years ago. A little cow poop never hurt anybody. It’s the bacteria in there that causes the problem. No bacteria, no problem.”

Most fathers would advise against eating excrement. Steve’s “daddy” didn’t see a problem with it. Neither does industry, because instead of finding ways to remove the doo-doo from the carcass, or the process, they are going to simply remove the bacteria with yet another vaccine. It’s just a little poop, right? Who cares?

Then he goes on to explain why E. Coli is a such problem is the first place:

“We can’t rely on consumers to cook meat to a safe temperature. Partly because they’re…too dumb and careless.”

Well, they are eating dead animals covered in poop. Dumb and careless is generous. But it is the responsibility of the producer to provide a safe product, not just a cheap one. He continues:

“For that matter, I’m not sure we really want consumers to have to cook the taste out of their beef to feel safe. The pork people sure wish folks trusted their product enough to eat it while it still has some flavor.”

It’s a case of “damned if you do, damned if you don’t”.  If you cook the turd long enough to kill the bacteria, the taste – the reason people eat meat in the first place – is cooked out, or the body part toughened beyond chewing. If you don’t cook it long enough, you could get sick, paralyzed, or die.

This type of thing really shows our disconnect from our relationship with our food and animals. We don’t even care enough about animals or people to prevent either from suffering, or death. 69% of  “pork” and “beef”, and 92% of chicken was found to be contaminated with fecal matter containing E. Coli (link). It is near impossible to avoid. Why would anyone play such a risky game just to eat a tasteless, tough, dead animal? Is it worth it? Does flesh taste that good that someone would be willing to eat it covered in shit? Is this at all necessary, or remotely logical? Should we kill animals, just for them to end up killing us? The answer to all these questions is no. There is an easy way to avoid eating dookie-burgers, and it starts with recognizing that animals are not here for us to use as resources. They are not rocks, copper, or broccoli. When we treat them like units of production, they get sick, and when we eat them, we get sick. We cause unnecessary suffering and death to billions of animal, and for what? The same in return?

Go vegan. Grow as much of your own food as you can. Refuse to participate in causing suffering. Refuse to pay for your own death.

Peace is coming for you.

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