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The Liberator: Remix – Issue 2 – Truisms

From The Liberator: Remix

January 8, 2010


  1. All sentient beings are born equal in suffering, and entitled to protection, excepting those whose flesh is tasty and hair woolly; or, to prevent mistake, excepting non-human animals, and their descendants.
  2. If humans are ignorant and depraved, they ought freely to receive the benefits of rights; but if non-human animals are in this condition, common sense dictates that they should be held in bondage, and their rights never respected.
  3. He or she who enslaves a human, or buys one of a kidnapper, deserves severe punishment. He or she who enslaves a sheep, or buys one of a thief, is blameless. Why? Because a sheep can be property, and a human cannot; because he or she is a human, and it an animal; (1) because the law asserts that this distinction is just—and law, we all know, is founded in equity; and because pure benevolence actuates in the one case, and downright villany in the other.
  4. The species of the being determines whether a being has a soul or not. If human, he or she has an immortal essence; if non-human, he or she is altogether beastly. Other primates, however, derive no benefit from this rule.
  5. The non-human animals ought to be held in fetters, because they are too stupid to take care of themselves; at least, we are not so stupid as to suffer them to make the experiment.
  6. To kidnap whales on the coast of Antarctica is a horrid crime, deservedly punishable with death; but he who steals other non-human animals, in this country, as soon as they are born, performs not merely an innocent but a praiseworthy act.
  7. In America, a man or woman who eats a dog, is a monster of hell. In Korea, he or she is an heir of heaven.
  8. A man has a right to heap unbounded execration upon the Japanese whale trade, and the abettors thereof; but if he utter a sentiment derogatory to the domestic traffic of pigs, chickens, cows, sheep, goats, dogs, cats, primates, rats, mice, snakes, spiders, bees, ladybugs, grasshoppers, deer, buffalo, or any other creature, or to those who assist in the transportation of victims, he is to be imprisoned for publishing a libel, and charged either under the “Veggie Libel Laws” or under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act.
  9. He who calls American non-human animal-slaveholders tyrants, is a fool, a fanatic, or a madman; but if he apologise for Orwellian governments, or a corporate aristocracy, set him down as a tory, and a traitor to his country.
  10. There is not the least danger of a rebellion among the ARA, the representatives of the non-human animal slaves; and even if they should revolt en masse, what could they do? Their united physical force would be utterly contemptible.
  11. None but fanatics or idiots desire immediate abolition. If the non-human animal slaves were liberated at once, our streets would be overrun, and all species of domestic animal extinct!
  12. Our non-human animal slaves’ consumers must be educated for freedom of choice. They must never learn what happens to the animals enslaved, because knowledge would teach them to throw off their yoke of disinformation.
  13. People in the animal rights movement have no right to alleviate physical suffering, or illumine spiritual darkness, to the public; but they have the right to “assist” the Afghanis, or the Iraqis, or any foreign nation.
  14. Were the non-human animal slaves’ supporters, goaded to desperation, to rise against their corporate masters, law enforcement are constitutionally bound to charge them with terrorism! “The blogger is as bad as the bomber.” The people receive and consume the productions of non-human animal slave labor! The District of Columbia is national property; non-human animal slavery exists in that District! Yet  the people are not involved in the guilt of non-human animal slavery!
  15. A farmer who fences animals, forces them to reproduce, steals their secretions and then kills them, is a hero, and deserves a monument. If a farmer cages animals, forces them to reproduce, steals their secretions and then kills them, he is a tyrant, and deserves to be jailed.
  16. The non-human animal slaves are kept in bondage for their own good. Liberty is a curse to the free non-human animals—their condition is worse than that of the non-human animal slaves! Yet it would be very wicked to bind them with fetters for their good!
  17. The non-human animal slaves are contented and happy. If sometimes they are so ingrateful or deluded as to abscond, it is pure philanthropy that induces their masters to offer a handsome reward for their detection.
  18. Animals have interests. Laws passed in California restricting the use of farrowing crates and battery cages were not enacted because it was supposed these brutes had interests, or for the sake of compliment, but are owing simply to an itch for superfluous legislation.
  19. Non-human animal slaves are held as property. It is the acme of humanity and justice, therefore, in our “humane handling” laws, to recognize them as moral patients, and require slightly less torture, and a slightly less painful death. It is also the acme of humanity and justice, therefore, in justifying using non-human animals as resources that, should we recognize non-human animals as moral patients, to recognise them also as moral agents, and punish them in the most aggravated manner, if they perpetrate a crime; though they cannot read, and have neither seen nor known the laws!
  20. It is foolish and cruel for an individual to denounce non-human animal slavery; because the more he disturbs the security of the corporate masters, the more vindictive will be their conduct toward the non-human animal slaves. For the same reason, we ought to prefer the products of non-human animal-slave labor to those of plant-based origin; as the more efficient, and therefore profitable, “humane” treatment becomes, the better they will be enabled to “humanely” exploit and “painlessly” kill their menials.
  21. To deny that a man is a christian or a republican, who holds non-human animal slaves and dooms their children to bondage, is most uncharitable and inconsistent.
  22. To say that a carnist is bound to follow his or her own precepts that causing animals to suffer or die unnecessarily is wrong, or to obey the golden rule, or the commandment: “Thou shalt not kill”, is preposterous.
  23. To doubt the religious vitality of a church, which holds the anthropocentric view of human domination, which has throughout history been largely composed of temples of sacrifice of non-human animals, and which justifies rape, torture, genocide and enslavement of humans and non-human animals in its texts, is the worst species of infidelity.
  24. The non human animals are our slaves—not because we like to oppress, or to make money unjustly—but because our “evolutionary fight to the top of the food chain” must be fulfilled and our palettes obeyed.
Original By William Lloyd Garrison

Remixed By Peace Is Coming For You

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